Hinged snow plow LLS-3300

Snow plows of the LLS-3300 series manufactured by Mõisaküla Masinatehas are designed to plow snow from paved roads. Snow plow LLS-3300 is a V-plow with a middle hinge and a steel blade. It is a modern solution for tractors that have blades with spring mechanisms or for front loaders.

The index 3300 in the plow’s marking indicates the total width of the blade in millimeters.
The spring mechanism is intended to absorb impacts caused by uneven roads, ensuring fast and smooth crossing of obstacles.
Polyurethane paint, which has better durability compared to regular paint, is used for finishing. Before painting, the pieces are shotblasted, all fingers and other fastening elements are galvanized and partly covered in preservative wax.
LED side lamps are attached to the plow blades to increase safety.

Steel cutting edges are available optionally.

This product is not suitable for pushing sand, gravel, ice etc!

Technical specifications

Total width of plow blade edges (mm)
Height of plow blade (with edges) (mm)
Operating width of plow blades at max rotation angle (mm)
Maximum rotation angle of the plow (to both sides) (°)