Timber trailer “Weimer”

OÜ Mõisaküla Masinatehas acquired Weimer, a trademark of timber trailers, in the beginning of 2017, and has been its manufacturer since then. A variety of timber trailers, forklifts, winches and grippers can be found in our product range.

About Weimer timber trailers

Weimer is a company with 60 years of legacy, founded in Sweden.
Weimer trucks and trailers are designed for professional use. We use high-tech solutions, hydraulic components and materials for manufacturing our products.
Weimer products are known for their lightweight design, sturdy construction, durability and low maintenance costs.
For years, we have been exporting our products to countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovenia, France, Sweden, Norway, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland etc. This is the best proof of the great design, durability and high quality of our products.

Weimer products offered by Mõisaküla Masinatehas may be found here.